Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I Love to Spend Money!

You can spend it on new cars, health insurance and sex.....You can buy me new shoes and new clothes.
You have to have health insurance, just in case I crash that new car you bought me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Wife's Personal Use of Sex Sites!

 have the best of both worlds. I'm married to a very loving woman that treats me like a king. She enjoys pleasing me with nice dinners, relaxing evenings watching TV and shows me the greatest love any man can want. When we go out, she dresses sexy. She's tall, blonde, has great tits, long sexy legs and isn't afraid to show them off. She's a woman any man would be happy to have........ and I'm the lucky one that does.
We're both in our 50's...... and still manage to turn heads. Not in the "ken and barbie" kind of way but in a well mannered, sophisticated manner. We both have careers that keep us busy and living where we do must be very aware of the local sense of morality.
However, there is another side to our relationship. I love to watch her become a whore for other men. I'm a professional photographer and I guess it has something to do with that. I've always loved watching...... a voyeur. It gives me the greatest thrill to see my wife become a hot, slutty whore. When we first discussed my feelings I was expecting the worst......... after all how many men can tell their wives, "honey, I want you to fuck other cocks." But the reaction I got was totally unexpected. She got so turned on by the thought we had one of our best nights of fucking ever!
Like many of you reading this on-line, we began our search for that "special" guy who would make it happen for us. I thought it would be easy! Boy, was I wrong! Seems like the Internet is loaded with "studs" all looking for "hot action." They all talk the talk......... but after a few months of searching......... not one walked the walk. Personally, if some guy said, "hey, come over and fuck my wife," I'd have been there like a shot. We had so many no-shows it was unbelievable. We had just about given up when we got an email from a guy called Al.
Al was a black guy who lived about an hour and a half from us. He was a little over ten years younger than we are and professed to love older women. Al also had a huge cock, which he was nice enough to show in the pic attached to his email. Now this was really going to be a first for us...... me watching her and her enjoying her first black cock. We proceeded by email to set up a meeting for the next weekend down in Al's neck of the woods.
We fucked like minks all week long......... fantasizing about what it would be like to see L with that big cock buried in her cunt. She became totally wild in bed. I would whisper to her how hot she would get as that black cock fucked her......... her orgasms were fantastic. L is multi-orgasmic and I can tell you..... she had dozens each night thinking about fucking Al. The more I talked the more she came. She begged me to fuck her in the ass.... cum in her mouth....... put clamps on her tits.......... call her every dirty name I knew...... and it still got hotter. L was into being a whore!
Then came Saturday night........ she was dripping wet all day long. L dressed in her best whore clothes....... the ones she wears for me when we fuck. Heavy make-up....... lots of red lipstick...... with long red nails to match......... a low, low cut top that lets most of her large tits hang out........ the truckers we passed love that one.......... a short black stretch skirt......... black thigh hi's.....and red high heels. If you noticed I made no mention of underwear........ she didn't wear any!
We checked into motel room. I went to the liquor store got some things to drink, ice and snack. It was going to be a long night. While I was gone, L called Al to let him know where we were and our room number. He said, "I'll be there in 30 minutes." Now that was a long thirty minutes!
L was like a cat in heat. She kept adjusting her make-up, fixing her clothes, fidgeting around. I finally told her to relax........ have a drink, it would all happen soon enough. When the knock on the door came...... she jumped like a bolt of lightening hit her. I opened the door, drink in hand, and welcomed a very nice looking black guy into the room.
Al came in, I introduced him to L and I could see her eyes light up. He was a nice looking guy, in good shape, dressed very casual but nice and extremely friendly and sociable. He sat down on the bed next to L and I made us all another round of drinks. We made some small talk....... Al pulled out some papers and proceeded to roll up a joint....... which of course I didn't mind. We all shared a joint, finished our drinks and were feeling really, really good about things. He then put his arms around L and pulled her closer. L just kind of fell at him....... and started kissing him very deeply. I could see her tongue snake it's way into Al's mouth and his into hers. He slide his hands inside her blouse and started squeezing her nipples which made L start moaning. Then while still kissing her his hand slide up between her legs, under her short skirt and I could tell he had found her dripping wet cunt. L spread her legs wide open so that Al could finger her pussy....... which he did very well....... L had an immediate orgasm.
Then Al stood up in front of L and she undid his zipper, reached in and pulled out a huge black, very hard cock. I was really getting into watching her as she leaned forward and started moving her lips all over his prick. She became a wild woman........ moaning........ licking....kneading his balls with one hand jerking him off with the other....... never removing her lips from his prick. Al place his hand behind her head and started pumping his cock in and out of L's mouth. L was deep throating that big cock almost to his balls. She was going absolutely crazy!
After a about fifteen minutes of the hottest blow job I've ever seen Al just pulled his prick out and told her to "lay your hot ass down on the bed, you're going to get a hard fucking, you bitch." He looked over at me and said, "I'm going to fuck your whore, hope you don't mind?" Mind! I was loving every minute of it....... there was my wife who just got finished sucking this black cock...... laying on the bed with her legs open....... pussy juice running down her ass...... moaning, begging for more hot black cock.
Al slid his pants down and kicked them off........ he took L's legs spread them open..... pulled her to the edge of the bed and started working the head of his huge prick into her cunt. At first she hesitated...... telling him she didn't know if she could take a cock that big........ but Al just kept right on doing his thing......... pushing his cock into her.....not even bothering to answer her. Let me tell you, it sure didn't take long........ soon as he had that big head in........L's cunt just sort of drew him in. Al held her legs open and really started to fuck my whore.
I was in sort of a trance......between the effects of the liquor, the smoke and seeing my wife spread open on the bed in front of me with a black cock driving into her......I was in a live porn show. But being the pro photographer I am........ instinct took over. I reached for my camera and started shooting the action. It was beautiful!.. Al hammered L for all she was worth....... and she was having one orgasm after another in rapid succession. She was begging for cock. Al was more than happy to oblige...... telling her what hot white cunt she was....... the more he called her hot dirty names the more she came......... and that man could fuck. I could see her juice dripping out of her cunt and down her ass........hell, I got the pictures of it.......Al came at least three times and he never stopped fucking her. I have picture of the cum oozing out of her cunt and all over his prick........... the man never stopped once. Al fucked my wife in every position imaginable. Doggy, top, him on the bottom with her riding his prick like a wild stallion......on her side.... standing..... was a show that lasted well over two hours........ what stamina! L just kept cumming and cumming......later she told me that when she hit TWENTY she just stopped counting......... I of course, got photos of the whole show.
Later on, after Al had gone (he did eventually tell us he was married and had to leave) L and I went at it like animals in heat. She told me how much she loved his cock........and how much of a whore she was........that she would do anything for his big black prick....... even become his whore and fuck his friends.......if he wanted. I was fucking her like crazy and she just kept talking about Al's cock........and how much she wanted it all again. God the woman drove me crazy! I had six orgasms myself that night.
We never did see Al again. Our mutual schedules just never seem to have worked out and the distance wasn't convenient for more meetings but we keep hoping. But whenever we want to have a hot night fucking, we relive that night...... it never fails to provide us with some great orgasms....
We have gotten into the swinging lifestyle now. We go regularly to a nice club where L has all the cock she can handle. We still look for hot black men to seduce and use my whore....... she wants to try small groups. We do have some rules we live by....... we always get pics of the guys showing their cocks....... no bullshit that way. We got tired of paying out for rooms to let the guys get laid and leave.......... now they have to pay or at least entertain us in their homes........ and we only play on the weekends.......... can't have a hot night of fucking when you have to get up at 5a.m to get ready for the days work......
So if you're in our neck of the woods (central Florida)...... come fuck my whore